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My world tour!

So, here's how it happened. My aunt and uncle took a signed book over to my uncle'a sister who had ordered one. And they photographed her reading it under a Welsh roadsign. And then, on their joint holiday, they took another, this time in a library in Italy.

Meanwhile, in the land down under an online friend was patiently waiting for her copy and I joked we should have followed it on its journey. So when it reached her, she posted an upside down photo.

At which point a friend in Canada received his and photographed it.

And suddenly a world tour was happening. And that's where we're at. We've had the book at Tower Bridge in London today. It'a going to Portugal later. There are rumours of America and Geordie land. And so, it begins. And if I sell a million copies I'll follow it around the world. :)