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Dream on....

I'm taking part in an authors' roundtable on the fantastic and one of the questions I was asked was, if I was dreaming, what I'd love to see happen to my novel.

I suppose best seller lists come to mind, or TV adaptations, or movies. Not for me. My dream is of a rock-opera by Muse. I even have the playlist, which I'm going to share in a moment. But first, here's the whys and wherefores:

I've had Abendau in my head for 25 years. I've also quite liked music with good bass for much of that time (I blame having my first crush on a bass player for that). When I came to write my novel, I was listening a lot to the likes of Muse and, being a space loving girl with a conflicted hero who thinks pretty deeply (and isn't that conventional for a space hero) the lyrics and flavour of the music, touched on what I was trying to capture in the book. So much so, that certain scenes in the book play in my mind when I'm listening to the song (especially Invincible.)

So, trying not to spoil, I've given the scenes short descriptions that those who have read the books will be able to match the scene to. Here goes. My playlist.

1. Starlight - blasting off into space, sexy space pilot at the helm, there can be no other song.
2. Absolution - Ealyn
3. Uprising - Banned theme
4. Endlessly - the romance bit
5. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - preparing for Abendau
6. Newborn - Kerra. But mostly because I'd like some more guitars about now
7. Soldier's Poem - Omendegon
8. Follow Me - heading to the port
9. Falling Away - Kare/Sonly in the port
10. Invincible - crossing the parapet to the palace
11. Supremacy - the Empress
12. Knights of Cydonia - to end. Because I love it and it's great fun and everyone sings along.

So, what do we reckon? Move over Mamma Mia? Now, who wants to tell Matt Bellamy I'm his writing hive-mind...?

And what about everyone else? Dreams? Aspirations? A better playlist? Shoot...