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Inish Carraig 2 - In which I impart bad news

For some time now I've had calls for a sequel to Inish Carraig far this week I've fended off four enquiries about it. Which is lovely and I love that so many people love my quirky little book baby.

But there will not be a sequel - or at least not anytime soon.

I have tried to write one. My initial plan was to take Henry, John and Neeta off Earth onto the Zelotyr world. The first line was immense (shite, shite and more shite) but it quickly fell apart. You can take the Belfast out of the boy it seems but not the boy out of Belfast. Which brought me to plan b - another Belfast based story. But that is dreary and stodgy and not at all what the Inish Carraig world should be.

And I have no plan C.

In 2013 I attended a fun panel with William F Nolan, writer of Logan's Run, a film and book I adored. I also read the first sequel - Logan's World - and, whilst I enjoyed it, I didn't feel it added much to the first book. (He also said he's written loads of books but would always be known for one - I think I understand that frustration now! In a good way)

I have the luxury to only work on projects I feel passionate about. I'm not seeking to make writing my living but my passion - which is a privileged position to be in. I do not have that passion for IC2 (aka Culchies in Space) at this point (never is a dangerous word).

I could see me, perhaps, writing a different tale set in Belfast which is such a cool sf setting (I actually have one but never named the city. Perhaps I will and add the authentic voice)

But, for now - no Inish Carraig sequel. I'd rather not weaken John and Henry's tale by writing a sequel for the sake of it, to make money, or because people have asked for it. Those are poor reasons to write a book, for me.

Which means, for now, there is no sequel.