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Funky brain: a short song storyboard

A glimpse into the writer's brain (well this one's)

First a song:

Hopefully that took you to Muse's Invincible.

Now a scene (spoiler alert for Abendau's Heir!)

This is the scene where the palace is attacked by Kare and co from the port. The one where he goes in barefoot, they cross the parapet and exciting things happen. (They do! You should read all about it!)

This is what really happens:

Opening stanza: Sonly/Kare in the hangar where she puts him to rights
Second stanza: Silom/Kare preparing to line up
Third stanza: the lovely Lichio when Kare tells him he's in charge.

Nice little bit of marching music - leaving the port. Many blasters. Space Opera gloriousness.

Next stanza: Sonly (off screen but poetic licence is okay)
Next stanza: Kare getting his arse over the parapet.

Little slow bit where things get tough. Many many many blasters. Gunfire from all around. Smoke. Soldiers falling off the edge.

Solo guitar fun bit - our heroes getting up! Fighting onwards! Brotherhood! Sisterhood! All the good things!

Final stanza: Lichio overseeing the battle

Cut to

'Together we're invincible' - cue Kate's mad powers - 'together we're invincible!' - altogether. Silom leading the way into the palace. Blood everywhere. Battered armour. Fading out.

Now wasn't that more fun?