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On having a fun project

When we first start writing we normally have a project in mind, one that we've been wanting to write for ages. One we're passionate about, that keeps us awake at night, mind brimming with ideas.

Once we become more professional at writing, things change. Or, at least, they have for me.  I still love the stories I write - or I wouldn't write them; the thought of revisions and edits in something I already hate doesn't bear thinking about. But I write them with more of a focus on the market, on getting the story right and well structured. And that all makes it, whilst very satisfying, a little less fun.

Abendau was the story I first wanted to write - and I was lucky enough to get that story out and for people to tell me they like it (mostly). But it was never written for the market per se but for me. It is my fun project.

And so it is that I trundle along through my New Thing, enjoying it but doing a lot of frustrating not-sure-what-happens-next-or-even-now writing. But in front of me I have a little notebook and in it I'm writing a story that is unfolding naturally and easily. Characters I know and am having fun with. (2 characters are meeting in a couple of scenes and it will be funny).

I'm not writing this for the market. I'm not even typing it yet. I do expect it to become a book at some stage and for me to tone down the cheesiness just a little. But that is secondary - what matters is having a project that I love writing. That I want to get back to. Because I came to writing for that love - and I'd hate for it not to be why I keep writing.

So, for now, vive le fun!