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777 writer's game

I was tagged by the awesome Thaddeus White, author of fabulous epic fantasy and the bone-achingly funny Sir Edric series.

I had to take a work in progress, go to a page ending in 7 and show 7 lines, and then I have to tag 7 others to do so. Being me, I had a few wips in choose from, but I've went for Sunset Over Abendau, which is due out in March 2015:

            “Its rude to look at my thoughts.” It was a stupid thing to say, when he should really why he was Kalyn and why she had his eyes, but was too frightened of her answer.   

             “As you say.” She shifted and winced. 

            “Can I do anything to help?” he asked, but she shook her head. He waited another moment, steeling himself. “You have my eyes.”

            “No,” she said, and it sounded like she was amused. “You have mine - I was here first, Kalyn.”

So, intrigue... And I tag Anna Dickinson, Cathleen Townsend, Stephen Palmer, Shellie (millymollymo), Bryan Wigmore, Kerry Buchanan and DG Jones - if anyone doesn't have a blog and needs somewhere to post it, email me and I'll pop up a post on mine. No excuses. :) 


Dan Jones said…
Thanks Jo!

Have reposted something here -!The-777-Chain/c1q8z/55f158bd0cf2de902a82afc2
Nice post. I'll try to come up with something on the 777 thing. :)