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You don't have to be mad to do this but it might help....

So, are we all fools for trying this writing lark? We go at it, embracing the skills acquistion needed, visiting writing forums as if they're mouth pieces for our new religion.

This month, I got to that point we all hope to. I was published. All the work and there it was. And I wanted to share the moment that made it real.

Some kids go into their school bringing flowers to show teacher. Whatever gets brought in from our house is treasured and discussed and suitably important to show. Last year, two bird's nests, one complete with dead, desicated, grub, were proudly carried in and displayed.

This week, my ten-year-old wrapped her copy of mum's book in a padded envelope and carried it in. She proudly told the class they couldn't read it until they were 18 but it was hers and had her name on the first page, that it was dedicated to her.

And that made it all worthwhile. The moment when I thought, no matter what happens next, I'm proud. :)

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Forbidden Snowflake (link to post)


Awwww, congrats :) That is awesome. Very happy for you.
I hope I get to do that. Just that it will be my dog carrying it somewhere. Because I have no children.
(Btw, you snipped off part of my URL in the link ;))
Joanne Zebedee said…
Thank you! Fixed the url. :) sorry
Blair B. Burke said…
Congratulations! That's such a wonderful achievement and something special for your daughter. I bet it makes it all worthwhile :)