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Mixing my stories

Here I am, one chapter into something new. It's a literary-feeling paranormal set in Donegal, with all the bleak loveliness that brings.

Which makes my genre-mixing very weird. By the time I get this out, my career will look like this:

A space opera trilogy
A science fiction thriller
A literary dark fantasy
A science fiction thriller novella
Either a literary paranormal, or a YA science fiction, depending what happens to which
Then a fantasy duology with a little touch of steampunk. And somewhere in there, if I get the time and inclination, a sequel to Inish Carraig and maybe something new in the Abendau world.

Once, I'd have tied myself in knots worrying about this. Am I mad, mixing genres? Would I lose the readers I already had.

I really don't worry so much anymore. I write for me, and tell the stories that cry out for me to tell them. That people seem to like them is a huge bonus and means a lot. But I can't write to a formula. My passion for writing is the characters and the story, not the genre.

Which is lovely and freeing, and makes me happy. Vive le muse!