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I've been something of a writing machine these last few years, and I have a heavy summer ahead of me, editing two books, undertaking exciting opportunities - more when I can - and promoting some cool anthologies I'm in (have a scroll to the end of the post). I've been invited onto three new anthos, all of which need a short story. I've just sold the audio rights of Inish Carraig to Garcomm Media, and that will take a bit of proofing and what not.

All of this is fantastic, amazing, and near to the dream.

I also have a busy job which, in June, goes a bit crazy.So far, there is only one of me. Cloning technology is sadly behind the times.Which means, there is truly only so far I can stretch. Since I'm also fitting a holiday in there, one where I don't want to be a frazzled bundle of nerves, something has to give.

Which means I'm not writing for a few weeks - and certainly not committing to anything regular. It will do me a lot of good. Already, ideas are rushing at me for things I'd like to get to. I might blog - or I might not. I might be lazy and see if a few guest blogs can fit in around.

Come the middle of July, I'm starting up again. Firstly, with an edit of Waters and the Wild, coming out in 2017 with Inspired Quill, then Abendau's Legacy, coming out this autumn. After, and in between, and whereever they'll fit into the scheldule the short stories. I hope to hit the late autumn with a reasonably clear writing in tray (although I'll be promoting Legacy) and room to develop a new story. Knowing me, lots of other things will pile in, and then I'll be busy and challenged and frazzled all over again.

That's really it. Taking a break. I think I'm probably due one. 

In the meantime, I'm over on twitter@joz1812 and on and off the, as ever.

And - check out these anthologies. I'm delighted to be involved with each of them. (which is due out in October, to give a chance for a few late subs to go into it.)