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This is not a sprint

Although, to be honest, I hit the ground running with writing, and I'm still going.

Anyway, a few thoughts to sign off for a week enjoying my small family, and friends, and generally not doing a lot other than shooting the breeze about life, the universe, and everything.

This writing thing is intense. It's all-consuming. There are so many areas where it's possible to get hellishly obsessive about. The writing of it, the plotting, the characters. The title. Hot dang (apparently that phrase needs used more) but the title. The editing.

Add publishing the darn thing into the mix, and we can get started on the next ten things to obsess over. Covers, blurbs, fonts, formatting, marketplaces, POD, agent and trad vs self publishing.

When it's published? Oh, boy, yeah, we can add in KDP tracking graphs, interviews (if you're lucky), obsessive review checking (hiding behind hands optional), amazon sales ranking. And in between that, you've got all the fun of the earlier stuff going on, too. Plus a job, and a life outside The Book(s).

Which is why a week off is sorely needed. Sometimes, in my focus and obsession I forget that writing still is my hobby. Sure, I've two books out. Yep, I've some submissions to do, and some open calls to get ready for. But, mostly, writing is my pastime. I have a job to keep me more than occupied on the breadline front. And when we get to the point of remembering we need a week off, we take the time to remind ourselves none of this happens overnight. (Well, okay, I know a couple of lucky people who exploded onto the scene and are doing well for themselves from book one. But they worked damn hard for it.)

So, a few thoughts:

1. Your book is only that. It's the achievement of completing it that should be celebrated, not the rigmarole around it.

2. PIGS and SETS. Say, wha...? Thought processes. Try to remove them from the SETS - focusing on temporary hurdles and specific difficulties. Therein lies misery. Move those thoughts to general statements of positivity. So, let's not say - My book got a bad review, so it's not good. Let's say instead, I'm a good writer. Or I enjoy writing. Give yourself room to breathe.

(PIGS - Permanent, Internal and General - I'm a good writer
SETS - Specific, External and Temporary - my review today was awful)

3. Enjoy it. Whatever stage you're at. I haven't been enjoying it enough. I've been spending too much time obsessing. That'll be changing. Starting now with the celebration I'm a published author, with two books getting great reviews, and two more coming out next year. I'm emerging as a writer, and that's just fine. I'm just going to stretch my toes and enjoy the process.

Hope you all do, too! Have a great late October week. We'll be pumpkining and enjoying friends and finding out how to build a hedgehog house. You know, the important stuff.


Kenny Chaffin said…
Excellent! All in good time, including time off to recharge!
Joanne Zebedee said…
I was so chilled, I didn't see this until today!